Sneak King - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Winner! (5 points)
Beat 1 Challenge

Simple, just beat any challenge. The easiest in my opinion is Mission 2 in the Saw Mill.

 Movin' Out (5 points)
Unlock Cul-de-Sac Level

To unlock, you need to beat 10 missions in the Saw Mill. Any 10 will do.

 Free Roamer (10 points)
Unlock all levels

In order to unlock the next level, you need to beat 10 missions on your current level. Basically, beat 10 Saw Mill missions, 10 Cul-de-sac missions, and 10 Construction Site levels. You do NOT need to beat 10 down town levels for the achievement.

 Area Secure (25 points)
Complete all Challenges in one level

You have to beat all 20 challenges on one level. Again, I find that Saw Mill is easier for this. Any level will work.

 Sneak King! (25 points)
Complete all Challenges in entire game

Each level has 20 missions. 20 times four is 80 missions total. Remember that you don't need the best rank to beat the mission.

 A Rank King (10 points)
Achieve an 'A' Rank

Getting an A rank is easiest on the tutorial levels in the Saw Mill. My favorite is mission 2, but any will work.

 Area Master (25 points)
Achieve an 'A' Rank for all Challenges in one level

A rank on all missions in one level. Again, Saw Mill is easiest, so just try there.

 Completist (50 points)
Achieve an 'A' Rank for all Challenges in entire game

Getting an A rank on all levels will take practice. There's really no advice to give, but don't give up. Practice and remembering the orders in which people get hungry will help.

 BIG Surprise! (10 points)
Score 100,000 points in a single delivery

Another seemingly hard one. In Saw Mill, I would use mission 15 or 8. Make sure that you are as close as can get, they are as hungry as possible (flashing red), you keep a chain going, and that you perform a level 3 Flourish. If possible, hide for all of your deliveries.

 Half Way There (10 points)
Complete any 40 Challenges

I find the easiest to complete are in Saw Mill and Construction Site. Whatever you do, it can be any combination of 40 (ex. 10 in two level, 20 in another).

 What A Show! (10 points)
Perform a Level 3 Flourish

Extremely easy. Simply hit at the top when Flourishing.

 Camera Shy (15 points)
Hide 100 times in total

In the Saw Mill, there are piles of leaves. These take the least time to hide in, so just keep hiding in free roam mode, NOT on a mission. You may need to complete a mission after if you want the achievement to unlock.


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