Imperia Online - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Candidate for quest follower (5 points)
Complete 5 quests
 Junior quest follower (5 points)
Complete 10 quests
 Junior Archery Barracks builder (5 points)
Build 2 Archery Barracks in a holding
 First step towards festivals (5 points)
Build level 1 of Town square
 Social contacts (5 points)
Write a message to a player
 First steps in royal diplomacy (10 points)
Enter into a dynastic marriage
Secret Achievements
Economic researcher candidate (5 points)
Build University 3
Population growth begins (5 points)
Research Medicine 1
First step towards banking (5 points)
Research Banking 1
Learn how to spy (5 points)
Research Espionage 3
Junior commander of archers (5 points)
Research Range Attack 3
Junior spy trainer (5 points)
Hire and mobilize 50 spies
Noble beginning (5 points)
Have 6 great people in your empire
Junior pilgrim (10 points)
Get 2 rewards from the casket in Temple
Wise sovereign (10 points)
Reach 10 000 net points
Junior lord of populous empire (10 points)
Reach 18 000 population in the entire empire
Team player (10 points)
Make an alliance or join one
Help with supply wagons (20 points)
Send from Caravan Station at least 5000 gold, all at once, to an ally
Senior sovereign (30 points)
Reach 50 000 net points
Experienced sovereign (40 points)
Reach 100 000 net points
Junior wood seller (10 points)
Sell 1000 wood
Junior conqueror (20 points)
Take control over 2 provinces
Small depositor (15 points)
Research Banking 5 and take a deposit with small interest
Trade post founder (35 points)
Found a trading post
Junior looter (10 points)
Plunder 20000 resource in attacks on independent cities
Fortress constructor (20 points)
Build Fortress 5
Master of Supply wagons (20 points)
Hire 250 Supply wagons
Junior warrior of honor (30 points)
Reach Honor 20
Skillful governor (20 points)
Reach governor’s level 10
Skillful general (20 points)
Reach general’s level 10

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