Abyss - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Fast recollector (5 points)
Get 2 Gaias in less than 5 seconds
 Artificial Intelligence (15 points)
Get 3 Gaias in less than 15 seconds
 A thread of hope (5 points)
Gather your first Gaia
 Hope of human kind (5 points)
Gather 25% of the Gaia
 Provider of life (10 points)
Gather 50% of the Gaia
 Hero of human kind (15 points)
Gather 75% of the Gaia
 A saviour has arisen (20 points)
Gather 100% of the Gaia
 Welcome to Abyss (5 points)
Die for the first time.
 One does not simply cross Abyss (5 points)
Die 10 times in the same level.
 Houston, we have a problem. (5 points)
Beat a level after crashing 5 times.
 Robocide (5 points)
Die 10 Times by a saw
 Robocaust (5 points)
Die 10 times by a rock
 Roboextinction (15 points)
Die 100 Times
 Promising future (5 points)
Complete the tutorial
 Archeologist (15 points)
Gather all 6 pieces of the first Nep2no vessel
 Darkest hours (20 points)
Beat game using minimum brightness settings
 A little step for a Nep2no… (5 points)
Finish your first Abyss level
 It was just a bad dream (5 points)
Finish your first Nightmare level
 Legend of the Abyss (15 points)
Beat all Abyss levels
 Darkest corners of the Earth (20 points)
Beat all Nightmare levels

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