4 Elements II: Special Edition - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Strive for More (5 points)
Make a chain of 15 or more chips
 Glorious Journey (10 points)
Make a chain of 20 or more chips
 Each Second Matters (5 points)
Collect 15 chains in 30 seconds
 Speed of Light (10 points)
Collect 20 chains in 30 seconds
 Eternal Glory (20 points)
Complete all the levels and restore the Book of the Elements
 Strategist (10 points)
Complete a level only using chains of 5 or more chips
 Champion Digger (5 points)
Use the Spade 50 times
 Digging Master (10 points)
Use the Spade 150 times
 Ball of Fire (5 points)
Use Magic Fire 40 times
 Child of Flame (10 points)
Use Magic Fire 140 times
 Pick It Up (5 points)
Break 300 stones
 Lord of Mountain Gnomes (10 points)
Break 2000 stones
 Ice Breaker (5 points)
Break 1500 blocks of ice
 Global Warming (10 points)
Break 5000 blocks of ice
 Puzzle out (10 points)
Solve 20 puzzles
 Not Done Yet (20 points)
Complete all the bonus levels
 Once Again (15 points)
Play the game from the very beginning once again
 The less, the better (10 points)
Complete a level using chains of only 3 chips
 Carte Blanche (10 points)
Restore at least one card of the Book of the Elements without using any power-ups
 Eagle Eye (15 points)
Restore all the cards without using a single hint

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