Cut the Rope - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 19 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Bronze Scissors (5 points)
Collect 50 stars

See "Golden Scissors."

 Silver Scissors (10 points)
Collect 150 stars

See "Golden Scissors."

 Golden Scissors (20 points)
Collect 300 stars

To unlock all the achievements related to stars, you need to collect a total of 300 of them. There are 3 on each level and it is not that hard to collect most of them. Just play far enough into the game until you get to 300. You can check your total in the World (Box) Selection screen. You need to finish a level (by getting the candy in the creature's mouth, regardless of collecting any stars) to unlock the next level of the world. You unlock new worlds (the first level of each) by gathering a certain number of stars.

See THIS link for 3-star video walkthroughs for each level of the game if you are having trouble. Thanks to for posting these videos. Note that the worlds are numbered differently in the iOS version (which is what the videos are for), but the levels are all identical once you choose the correct worlds.

 Rope Cutter (5 points)
Cut 100 ropes

See "Ultimate Rope Cutter."

 Rope Cutter Maniac (10 points)
Cut 800 ropes

See "Ultimate Rope Cutter."

 Ultimate Rope Cutter (20 points)
Cut 2000 ropes

To unlock these three achievements, you need to cut a total of 2000 ropes. This should be the last achievement you attempt to unlock, as your grind towards earning many of the other achievements will also count towards this one. The best level to grind these is 1-7, which has a total of six ropes right from the start. Cut all the ropes quickly (in a circular fashion) and instantly hit the button to restart the level. Repeat until you unlock the achievement. No need to go any further into the level as it saves your cuts instantly. This will take only a few minutes to grind.

 Bubble Popper (5 points)
Pop 50 bubbles

See "Bubble Master."

 Bubble Master (15 points)
Pop 300 bubbles

To unlock these two achievements, you need to pop a total of 300 bubbles. To pop a bubble, you need to tap it when the candy is inside. They can also be popped without being tapped by the game's physics, but I am not sure if those count towards the achievement. The best level to grind these is 2-8. There is one bubble available to pop right as the level starts. Pop it and instantly reload the level. Repeat for just a minute or two until this achievement unlocks. I found using two index fingers (one for the bubble, one for the reload button) was quickest.

 Spider Buster (5 points)
Outsmart 40 spiders

See "Spider Tamer."

 Spider Tamer (15 points)
Outsmart 200 spiders

These two achievements unlock once you outsmart 200 spiders. Outsmarting a spider simply means cutting the rope before the spider reaches the candy at the end. The best level to grind this on is 2-15. Right at the start of the level, cut the rope between the spider and the candy. Instantly reload and repeat until this achievement unlocks. This will only take a few minutes to grind.

 Spider Lover (5 points)
Let the spiders steal candy 100 times

You can let the spiders steal candy just by not cutting the rope they are on with the candy. Eventually they will get to it and you will fail the level. The best level to grind this on is 2-15. A spider goes after the candy right from the start of the level. Just load up the level and don't do anything for 15 minutes or so and the achievement will unlock (touch occasionally to prevent screen timeout). After the spider gets the candy, the level will auto-restart.

 Weight Loser (5 points)
Lose candy 50 times

See "Calorie Minimizer."

 Calorie Minimizer (10 points)
Lose candy 200 times

You need to lose a total of 200 candies. Losing them simply means having them go off screen (top or bottom, sides do not count). The best level to grind this on is 3-1. Simply cut the only rope holding the candy. Make sure you let to candy go off screen and auto-restart itself. This will take a total of 5 minutes max.

 Quick Finger (5 points)
Cut 3 ropes at once

See "Master Finger."

 Master Finger (15 points)
Cut 5 ropes at once

For this achievement you need to cut 5 different ropes all at once and quickly. There are very few spots in the game that you can actually do this. The easiest place to get this is in Level 1-7, which has six centrally-located ropes holding one candy. Rapidly make a circular motion to slice all six ropes. This may take a few tries to get it to register correctly. Both the "Quick Finger" achievement and this one will unlock simultaneously if you do it correctly.

 Tummy Teaser (10 points)
Have Om Nom open his mouth 10 times in a row

Om Nom is the green monster that you must get the candy into to complete the level. When the candy gets close to his mouth, he will open it. You need to get the candy close to his mouth ten times in row in one play of a single level for this achievement to unlock. You cannot let the candy fall-in to complete the level. This can be unlocked on many levels, but the easiest is on Level 1-7. From the start, quickly cut all the ropes, except the one on the bottom right (with the star next to it). The candy will fall and swing back-and-forth above the Om Nom causing him to open his mouth over and over. Just wait for the achievement to unlock.

 Candy Juggler (20 points)
Keep the candy in the air for 30 seconds without ropes or bubbles

You need to keep the candy floating in the air without touching any ropes or bubbles, and without going off screen. This is tricky, but luckily there exist a few spots to get it fairly easily. Try Level 2-23. From the start, cut the two ropes holding the candy VERY quickly so it falls straight down. Then keep using the bottom puffer to blow it back upwards. It is important to cut the two ropes with a very quick swipe or else the candy will fall ever-so-slightly crooked and you wont be able to keep it airborne for 30 seconds.

Alternate method: Level 4-17. Just cut the rope, pop the bubble and let the candy go in and out of the magic hats. You don't have to use the air puffers like the other 2 solutions. This doesn't work every time because sometimes after about 15 seconds the candy just falls. Give it a few tries.

 Romantic Soul (10 points)
Reunite 100 candies

Candies can only be reunited on World 5: Valentine Box, where each level begins with two halves of the candy that you must first join together before feeding it to the monster. The best level to grind this achievement is on 5-1. Simply cut to the two upper ropes with a single swipe and let the candy halves reunite. As soon as they do, restart the level and repeat until the achievement unlocks. This will take only a couple minutes to grind.

 Magician (10 points)
Drop candy into magic hats 200 times

Candies can only be dropped into magic hats in World 4: Magic Box. Each time a candy enters a any color of magic hat counts towards this achievement. The best level to grind this achievement is 4-16. From the start of the level, just cut the rope and let the candy do the rest. It will get stuck in the green magic hats indefinitely. Occasionally the candy may fall out. If it does, just keep repeating the method until the achievement unlocks. This will take a total of 5 minutes or less.


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