Gunpowder - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 30 achievements with a total of 300 points.
 Breaker's Dozen (5 points)
Destroy 12 Bonus Items
 Time Sublime (5 points)
Receive a time bonus on a mission
 Parting Gift (5 points)
Destroy a bonus item after destroying the Safe
 Collateral damage (10 points)
Destroy 500 destructible objects
 Catastrophy (5 points)
Find a hidden trophy
 Safe key not Guaranteed (5 points)
Blow up a safe, destroy all the bonus items, and find a hidden trophy in a mission
 Predator (10 points)
Destroy all Cacti, bonus items, and the safe in Mission 1-6 in one playthrough
 Once and for Wall (10 points)
Destroy 4 walls with a single explosion in Mission 2-23
 The Old Switcheroo (10 points)
Beat Mission 3-8 with all Bonus items by only making 8 Switch Track changes
 Don't Get Dizzy (10 points)
Beat Mission 4-24 with all bonus items by only making 3 turntable changes
 Desert Dominator (15 points)
Collect all bonus items in Chapter 1.
 Quarry King (15 points)
Collect all bonus items in Chapter 2
 Master of the Mines (15 points)
Collect all bonus items in Chapter 3
 Bosstown Blaster (15 points)
Collect all bonus items in Chapter 4
 Hoard Lord (20 points)
Collect all trophies in the game
 Legendary (25 points)
Collect all bonus items in the Lost Levels
 Not Easy Being Green (5 points)
Beat Mission LOST-6 with all bonus items without the spark being extinguished by a wagon
 Just In Time (5 points)
Break the safe on Mission LOST-10 right before the flooding water washes it away
 Crystal Clear (10 points)
Beat Mission LOST-21 with all bonus items, without breaking a single crystal
 Nothing But Net (5 points)
Score a basket on Mission LOST-23
 Snow Joking Matter (25 points)
Collect all piggy banks in chapter 5
 Haul of the Mountain King (10 points)
Collect all hidden trophies in chapter 5
 Icy Reception (5 points)
Destroy the safe and all piggy banks in Mission 5-20 without the waterfall extinguishing the fire
 Snow Country for Cold Men (5 points)
Destroy the snowman horde in Mission 5-9 and complete the level
Secret Achievements
Sweep the Keg (5 points)
Swept up gunpowder in a single mission 5x
Oops (5 points)
Detonated the plunger without igniting anything
Cactucide (5 points)
Destroyed 50 innocent cacti in your trophy-lust
Nothing to Lose (5 points)
Did you really just blow up your own house?
Powder to the People (25 points)
Destroyed Boss Grimshleaw's symbol of oppression
Snow Bro (5 points)
Spared the snowman in Mission 5-6

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