Big Buck Hunter Pro - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Welcome to the Hunt (5 points)
Shoot a buck or bull.
 Interior Decorator (5 points)
Move your trophies from one stand to another in your trophy room.
 3 Up 3 Down (5 points)
Shoot all 3 bucks in a single site.
 Adventurer (5 points)
Play all sites in an Adventure Mode location.
 Hunter Hero (5 points)
Get a high score on a single site.
 The Marksman (5 points)
Take down all the bucks, in a single site, with one shot.
 Get Off My Lawn (5 points)
Post 5 Hunter Hero scores that are higher than the current Hunter Hero that your friend posted.
 Around The World (10 points)
Spin the globe in the cabin.
 Critter Crunch (10 points)
Shoot one of each type of critter that exist in the game.
 Quick on the Draw (10 points)
Shoot 5 critters on one site.
 Feed an Army (10 points)
Shoot a combined total of 1000 bucks, bulls, or rams.
 Bucks Have Antlers (10 points)
Shoot a combined total of 100 does, cows or ewes.
 Flying Solo (10 points)
Shoot 12 Whitetail Bucks between the 17th and 31st of December.
 True Professional (10 points)
Shoot 10 bucks without shooting a doe in a Trek.
 Sharpshooter (10 points)
Complete a Trek with 75% of shots taking down an animal.
 Double Perfection (15 points)
Shoot all targets without missing in all Bonus Games.
 5 Star General (15 points)
Shoot all bucks and critters in one shot on all sites for a single Adventure Mode location.
 Long Shot (15 points)
Shoot a buck when it is more than 125 feet away.
 On a Roll (15 points)
Play an Adventure in Classic Mode and shoot all the bucks on every site throughout the Adventure.
 Wiped'em Out (25 points)
Complete all 60 sites in adventure mode with 5 stars for one animal adventure.

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