Galactic Reign - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Design a Ship (5 points)
Design a new ship.
 Win a Battle (10 points)
Win a battle in a multiplayer game.
 Activate Scanners (5 points)
Analyze a ship in a battle video.
 A Good Start (5 points)
Earn a victory point.
 Strike Up the Colors (5 points)
Personalize your forces.
 Win a Game (10 points)
Win a game.
 Master and Commander (20 points)
Win 25 games.
 We Happy Few (10 points)
Win a battle with 50% or less of the enemy's fleet value in a multiplayer game.
 Once More Unto the Breach (10 points)
Win a battle with less than 10% of your fleet value remaining in a multiplayer game.
 Scour from the Stars (10 points)
Win two battles in one turn.
 The Engine of War (10 points)
Colonize three planets in one turn.
 Always Go At Them (10 points)
Build a fleet of value 3000 by turn four.
 Overwhelming Force (10 points)
Build a fleet with five or more dreadnaughts in a multiplayer game.
 You Sank My Dreadnaught! (10 points)
Destroy an enemy dreadnaught in a multiplayer game.
 I Have the High Ground (10 points)
Control all victory planets at the end of a turn.
 Sever the Supply Lines (10 points)
Bombard a planet that breaks an opponent's sector.
 Sticks and Stones (10 points)
Research all technologies in one game.
 Playing the Long Game (10 points)
Win a game after being down by 10 victory points.
 Tactician (10 points)
Earn 30 stars in Battle Academy challenges.
 Master Tactician (20 points)
Earn 150 stars in Battle Academy challenges.

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