A World of Keflings - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Pest Control (5 points)
Scare away the dragon
 Technicolor Sheep Coat (7 points)
Paint all the sheep
 Cutthroat Business (10 points)
Build the Metal Trader
 Jolly Giant (5 points)
Laugh with 35 Keflings
 Ultimate Collector (13 points)
Unlock all the collectible pieces
 Socialite (13 points)
Talk to each quest giver
 Pretty Bird (7 points)
Build a Monstrous Perch for Mr. Feathers
 Tailor Made (13 points)
Build a piece from each custom workshop
 Explorers League (15 points)
Find all the items in the world
 Where the Sun Don't Shine (10 points)
Kick 150 Keflings
 Orchestrating an Orchestra (15 points)
Build 53 machines
 Be It Not So Humble (15 points)
Build the Castle
 Diversity (10 points)
Build a Tent and Igloo in the Forest Kingdom
 A Little to the Left (10 points)
Push 30 buildings
 Story Time (13 points)
Participate in 60 Kefling's stories
 Thirst for More (15 points)
Get all the speed and strength potions
 Colors of the Rainbow (7 points)
Paint 20 different buildings
 Giant Boogie (7 points)
Perform each of the dance emotes
 Building Bridges (5 points)
Place one of each bridge in each kingdom
 Start with a Bang (5 points)
Activate a building by bouncing a kefling through a cannon

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