AlphaJax - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Capable Candidate (15 points)
Play 50 words in all your games.
 Deft Doer (10 points)
Play 100 words in all your games.
 Ace Adversary (5 points)
Play 200 words in all your games.
 Fundamental Ascendancy (15 points)
Win a game.
 Wordsmithery Persistency (10 points)
Win 10 games.
 Discombobulated? (10 points)
Play 10 games at the same time.
 Contentious Opposition (10 points)
Create a new skill match game.
 Astonishing Encounter (10 points)
Create a new random game.
 Amicable Retribution (15 points)
Rematch a player that you've lost against.
 Disencumbering Settling (10 points)
Complete a game with no tile remaining.
 Prized Syzygy (15 points)
Score two Triple Letter Bonus Tiles with a single word.
 Distinguished Triumph (15 points)
Complete a game with at least 300 points.
 Anodyne Supremacy (10 points)
Score a word that is worth at least 100 points.
  Apposite Choice (10 points)
Place a 10 points letter on a Triple Letter bonus tile.
 Expeditiousness (5 points)
Be the first of a game to use a Triple Word Bonus Tile.
 Superintendent (10 points)
After your first ten words, have an average word scoring equal or better than 20.
 Sovereign Vanquisher (10 points)
Win a game with at least twice the points of your opponent.
 Unburdening Gesture (5 points)
Place the seven letters of your rack in a single move.
  Not Bamboozled (5 points)
Win 5 games in a row.
Secret Achievements
Alphajax! (5 points)
You placed the word ALPHAJAX on a board.

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