Fishdom 3: Special Edition - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Chain reaction (5 points)
Make a chain of 3 explosive devices
 Thunderer (5 points)
Use lightning 50 times
 Hunting for pieces (15 points)
Remove 1,000 pieces on a single level
 Archaeologist (10 points)
Collect 100 artifacts
 Gold rush (10 points)
Collect 500 units of gold and diamonds
 Limits of possibility (20 points)
Create 10 matches in 10 seconds
 True to your vocation (5 points)
Complete 200 levels
 Tactician (10 points)
Clear off 120 pieces in one move
 Temporary Insanity (20 points)
Use all types of explosive available on a single level
 Inexhaustible Vein (20 points)
Earn 1,000,000 coins
 Good student (10 points)
Gain enough Experience to reach Level 25
 Experienced designer (5 points)
Spend 10,000 coins decorating your aquarium
 Broad spectrum (10 points)
Get all the backgrounds for your aquarium
 Great aquarist (10 points)
Get 10 aquariums
 For loyalty (5 points)
Play the game for an hour
 King of the Turtles (5 points)
Buy 10 turtles
 Perfect aquarium (10 points)
Receive the highest trophy for 5 beautiful aquariums.
 Strong stamina (10 points)
Unlock bonus levels.
 Time is money (10 points)
Complete 100 levels within golden time.
 Ark (5 points)
Buy one fish of each species

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