Glacier Blast - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Chilled War (15 points)
Complete a Feud or Quick Feud! match without missing a round.
 Better Him Than Me (15 points)
Remove the last tile of an opponent player in a multiplayer match.
 In Case of Emergency (15 points)
Earn a tile after breaking a Care Power Tile.
 Went Better Than Expected (15 points)
Break a Mystery Power Tile and gain a Large Bonus Power Tile
 The Last Breaker (10 points)
Be the last to place a breaker before the end of a match.
 Can't Stop Me (15 points)
Finish in first place in a multiplayer match without owning any tile.
 Stargazer (10 points)
Earn ten stars in Puzzle matches.
 The Stars Were Right (5 points)
Earn twenty stars in Puzzle matches.
 All the Player's Breakers (15 points)
Complete a Puzzle match by using all available breakers.
 Sapere Aude! (10 points)
Earn at least a thousand points in a single movement of a puzzle.
 Duck and Cover (10 points)
Have three of your tiles protected, at the same time, in a multiplayer match.
 Lead by Example (5 points)
Earn 150 points in the first round of a multiplayer match.
 Ain't got No Time to Lose! (5 points)
Be the first to place a breaker in each round of a Quick Feud! match.
 Chosen One! (5 points)
Change a power tile to your color then have it destroyed by an opponent the same turn.
 Precise Destruction (10 points)
Break four or more tiles owned by opponents, and none of yours, with one breaker.
 I Never Liked This Color (5 points)
Break three tiles belonging to the same opponent in a single turn.
 Pax Artica (15 points)
Complete a multiplayer match without having one of the players left tileless.
 The Destroyer (10 points)
Break a hundred Feud or Quick Feud! tiles.
 The Solver (5 points)
Break three hundred Puzzle tiles.
 Am I Playing Right? (5 points)
Break more tiles belonging to you than to your opponents in a single turn.

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