Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Human (25 points)
Complete the game on Human difficulty

See "Super Hero"

 Hero (40 points)
Complete the game on Hero difficulty

See "Super Hero"

 Super Hero (80 points)
Complete the game on Super Hero difficulty

If you start and complete the game on Super Hero difficulty, the two lower difficulty achievements will stack also. You'll also earn "Now It Is Over" for defeating the final boss.

You cannot lower the difficulty mid-game and change it back again to earn the higher level difficulty achievements. The game will warn you of this if you try to change the difficulty.

 Bookworm (25 points)
Collect all Spider-Man comic books

There are 300 comic pages in the game, but you only need to find 285 to complete all the comic books. This may seem like a lot, but most are in the open on top of buildings, are easier to see at night, and once you've fully upgraded Spider-Sense these will show up on the mini map.

 Lover (15 points)
Retrieve all parts of Black Cat's journal

There are only 10 parts you'll need to find: 5 within story missions and 5 within the open city. See the video below for their locations.

 Special Agent (15 points)
Retrieve all parts of Menken's journal

See "Reporter"

 Investigator (15 points)
Retrieve all parts of Detective's journal

See "Reporter"

 I'm on a Roll (15 points)
Achieve a combo streak of 42

If you're in an area with a lot of enemies and you mind your dodges, this should come within the story. An easy way that I found was during a petty crimes task. I defeated all of the enemies but one and tapped  for a Web-Strike. Wait a bit and do another Web-Strike. Rinse and repeat. You can keep doing this until you get to 42 without finishing off the enemy. I did this before I completely upgraded the Web-Strike, so it's not certain if that has any affect or not.

 Stay Down! (10 points)
Perform 15 signature moves

See "Master of the Web"

 Breaker (10 points)
Destroy 20 body armors

This will come naturally through story progression. Using the ionic web is the fastest way to destroy armor. Just tap  a few times and the armor will deteriorate.

 Know Your Enemies (15 points)
Unlock all character bios

This is basically story-related. Once the game is over and after the credits have rolled, you'll get another cut scene. After the cut scene is over the achievement will pop.

This achievement has been reported to be glitchy. I recommend NOT skipping the credits and NOT skipping the after-credits cut scene to ensure it'll pop once you continue the game.

 Reporter (15 points)
Complete all photo challenges

There are 30 Photo Investigations. These are extremely easy and quick to complete and there are only 3 types of photo challenges that you'll need to photograph and are associated with 3 other achievements.

1. "Special Agent" - there will be two guys in suits you'll need to photograph
2. "Investigator" - there will be a cop with a laptop, just photograph the laptop
3. "Hunter of Killers" - there will be a cop over a body, you'll need to find Cletus Kasady's initals "C.K." on a nearby wall to photograph

 All Tied Up (25 points)
Defeat 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns

A stealth takedown is performed by tapping  when close enough to an enemy without then noticing you. They'll have a purple glow when they are able to be stealthly taken down. Using only stealth takendowns on the hideouts are basically required, so you should get these by completing the hideouts if you don't use them anywhere else during the story.

 Drop It! (30 points)
Disarm 50 enemies

Pretty simple, just tap  to disarm an enemy with a weapon. Just do this to 50 enemies with weapons and the achievement is yours.

 Fashionista (20 points)
Unlock all suits

There are 13 suits in total you'll need for this achievement. 

3 suits are given to you at the start of the game.
2 suits are story-related and are given to you for defeating Black Cat and Carnage.
6 suits are awarded for completing the story hideout and the 5 optional hideouts.
1 suit is awarded for completing all 15 races.
1 suit is awarded for completing all 12 combat challenges.

You will also earn the "State of the Art" achievement for collecting all the concept art while completing these. You'll unlock all of the concept art by completing 11 races and 11 combat challenges.

 Infiltration (20 points)
Complete all hideouts

These will show up as a purple eye icon on the map. There are only 5 hideouts and are fairly simple to complete. I recommend being stealthy and work on your stealth takedowns. If you're awareness bar fills you'll fail and have to restart.

 Luchador! (15 points)
Complete all combat challenges

Once you get to the comic book store with Stan you'll have the opportunity to "play" the arcade game in the store. There are 12 challenges to complete, each with 4 stages. Some have stipulations, but they aren't too hard. Also some have a surprise round that really doesn't affect if you pass or fail the stage, but only extra XP.

 Can't Hit Me (20 points)
Achieve 30 multidodges

You can only multidodge when two enemies are attacking you at the same time. To dodge one attacker, you tap . To perform a multidodge, naturally you double tap . You should get this naturally while playing through the story. If not, you can grind these out in the same location described in "Ultimate Spider-Man".

 Timing Is Everything (20 points)
Achieve 100 critical hits

A critical hit is performed by following an attack with another attack. You'll have to tap  when the first attack hits your opponent. You'll know when you've performed this correctly when Spider-Man's hands and feet have a red glow about them. If you spam  while fighting you should get this naturally. If not, you can grind these out in the same location described in "Ultimate Spider-Man".

 Lightweight Champion (20 points)
Defeat 100 enemies

See "Heavyweight Champion"

 Middleweight Champion (20 points)
Defeat 300 enemies

See "Heavyweight Champion"

 Heavyweight Champion (20 points)
Defeat 500 enemies

This may not come before you finish the story, but it'll come when grinding the XP to max out all the suits.

 Hero of the People (30 points)
Save 50 civilians

This will come naturally while completing the fire situations and rescue situations. If not just complete a few more until it pops.

 Ultimate Spider-Man (30 points)
Reach maximum levels for all suits

The maximum level for each suit is 8. This will be a long grind. Even after switching suits once they were maxed out while playing through story mode I only had 4 suits maxed out. See the video below for a good place to grind out the XP. Replay the last story mission "Maximum Carnage" until you get to the part where you have to save Menken. Use the fully upgraded Seismic Blast to knock out the enemies and quickly perform finishers on as many as you can. Repeat until you've defeated them all. Make sure that you're not within the circle when you defeat the last guy or you'll get to a save point. Once you get the XP for the fight, reload the save and you'll start back at the beginning of the fight.

 State of the Art (20 points)
Unlock all concept art

See "Fashionista"

 True Hero (20 points)
Get your heroism to the maximum

This is pretty simple. Once you're allowed to to side missions, complete a few to raise your hero level. Once you fill up the 3 bars, you'll achieve maximum hero status and unlock the achievement.

 Enforcer (15 points)
Complete 10 deadlock situations

Look for the gun icon on the map and you'll have to land on the helicopter to start the side mission. This will be a shootout against 12-15 enemies and the police. They will be concentrated on the police so getting a lot of stealth takedowns will be easy, but not necessary. Take out all of the enemies to complete the mission. Just complete 10 of these for the achievement.

 Fireman (15 points)
Complete 10 building on fire situations

These are the fire icons on the map. You'll have to land on the fire truck to start it. For these you'll have to locate 2-5 civilians in a burning building and bring them back one at a time to the safe zone. 

These are timed and can be somewhat challenging on Super Hero difficulty. You can change the difficulty to make any of the side missions easier. Only change the difficulty AFTER you've completed the story. Changing the difficulty only affects difficulty related achievements.

 Guardian Angel (15 points)
Complete 10 rescue situations

These are a person icon on the map. For these all you have to do is help a trapped civilian and take them to the hospital. That's it.

 Vigilante (15 points)
Complete 10 petty crime situations

These are the fist icon on the map and consists of 2-5 thugs to defeat. These are easy and if you've fully upgraded the seismic blast these will be even easier. Just blast them all and perform a signature move to all of them while they're knocked out.

 Fast-Tracker (15 points)
Complete 5 races

For this achievement you only need to finish 5 of the 15 races, but you'll have to complete all 15 for one of the suits for "Fashionista". There are two different types of races: The first one you can just tap  to zip to each checkpoint. The other has two different checkpoints, one where you automatically zip to it, and the other you'll have to do whatever you can to get there, being running, swinging, running, etc.

These are timed and can be somewhat challenging on Super Hero difficulty. You can change the difficulty to make any of the side missions easier. Only change the difficulty AFTER you've completed the story. Changing the difficulty only affects difficulty related achievements.

 Master of the Web (20 points)
Perform 50 signature moves

This will be very simple to do once seismic blast is fully upgraded. This will knock the enemy out for a short while giving you the opportunity to perform a signature move. If you haven't gotten this by the end of the story, see "Ultimate Spider-Man" for a good boosting location.

 Sneaky (20 points)
Complete a hideout without being spotted

This will more than likely pop while playing through the hideouts as being stealthy is almost required to complete them. Use your spidey sense and take out each enemy one at a time.

Secret Achievements
Hunter of Killers (30 points)
Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols

See "Reporter"

Shocking! (30 points)
Defeated Shocker

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Hunter, Hunted (30 points)
Defeated Kraven

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Lovers' Quarrel (20 points)
Defeated Black Cat

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Is It Over? (20 points)
Defeated Cletus Kasady

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You Are Under Arrest (20 points)
Defeated Kingpin

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Green Goblin (30 points)
Defeated Green Goblin

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Switch Off (30 points)
Defeated Electro

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Now It Is Over (30 points)
Defeated Carnage

Story-related and cannot be missed.

See "Super Hero"

Friendly Fire (15 points)
Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him

There are two phases to this fight and you can get this in either one. The first all you do is wear down his health and dodge any of his attacks. Turn on all of the incinerators and lure him to one. I used Web-Strike to hit him close to the fire, if not into the fire. Do a few regular attacks if he didn't land in the fire. You can easily knock him into the fire 3 times before phase two.

During phase two he will jump from pillar to pillar, and like phase one, make sure all the incinerators are on. Locate him and seismic blast him when he's directly above one of the fires. You will have to take care of some Carnage minions and then locate him again and knock him down 2 more times.

Shotgun (10 points)
Acquired the Seismic Blast ability

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is unlocked after defeating Shocker.

Disintegrator (10 points)
Acquired the Ionic Web ablity

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This is unlocked after defeating Kraven.

Aerial Break (20 points)
Destroyed any armored enemy using Web-Strike

The description is a little misleading. You don't need to destroy the enemy with Web-Strike, just the armor. Shoot the armor with  a few times and when his armor turns gray (which means it's deteriorating), hit him with Web-Strike by pressing . You have to hit the Web-Strike quickly before the armor deteriorates on its own. There will be more than enough enemies to try this on.



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