LEGO The Hobbit - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 39 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 A city turned to ash (25 points)
Complete ''Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 1, “Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth”.

 In a hole in the ground... (25 points)
Complete ''An Unexpected Party''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 2, “An Unexpected Party."

 Slunk back from whence he came (25 points)
Complete ''Azog the Defiler''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 3, “Azog the Defiler.”

 ... And be stone to you! (25 points)
Complete ''Roast Mutton''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 4, “Roast Mutton.”

 More of a letter-opener, really! (25 points)
Complete ''The Troll Hoard''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 5, “The Troll Hoard.”

 More than a thunderstorm! (25 points)
Complete ''Over Hill and Under Hill''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 6, “Over Hill and Under Hill.”

 That'll do it... (25 points)
Complete ''Goblin Town''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 7, “Goblin Town.”

 I believe the worst is behind us (25 points)
Complete ''Out of the Frying Pan…''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 8, “Out of the Frying Pan…”

 What do you need? (25 points)
Complete ''Queer Lodgings''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 9, “Queer Lodgings.”

 Attercop! Attercop! (25 points)
Complete ''Flies and Spiders''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 10, “Flies and Spiders.”

 Escaped the dungeons of the King (25 points)
Complete ''Barrels Out of Bond''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 11, “Barrels out of Bond.”

 The Mountain-king's return (25 points)
Complete ''A Warm Welcome''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 12, “A Warm Welcome.”

 He is summoning his servants (25 points)
Complete ''Looking for Proof''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 13, “Looking for Proof.”

 It's undoubtedly a trap (25 points)
Complete ''The Necromancer''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 14, “The Necromancer.”

 Time to earn your reward (25 points)
Complete ''On the Doorstep''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 15, “On the Doorstep.”

 Think furnace, with wings (25 points)
Complete ''Inside Information''

This is story related and cannot be missed. This will unlock upon completing Chapter 16, “Inside Information.” Last and Final Story Chapter.

 Ever ''The People's Champion'' (50 points)
Complete all the quests in Middle-earth. (Single Player Only)


After completing Chapter 2, “An Unexpected Party”, you are introduced to the map of Middle-earth. To access the map, press . On it you will see both white and red question marks; white is for mini-games, fetch quests and puzzles to obtain Mithril bricks, and red is marked for fetch quests to unlock the red bricks. It's suggested you complete both Story and Free Play before attempting these as many of these quests require certain character abilities to locate treasure items, schematics and Mithril bricks. Finding these items will allow you to complete more quests.

To complete the white question mark quests, you need to locate the 64 treasure items within the story levels. Most can only be collected in Free Play with a certain character. Completing each quest will reward you with a Mithril brick.

To complete the red question mark quests, you first need to locate all 32 schematics in the story levels. Most can only be collected in Free Play with specific characters. Then, you need a certain amount of Mithril bricks and different types of loot in order to forge the 32 Mithril items which then are given to the quest givers for the red bricks.

NOTE: Some characters may give you more than one quest, so after you complete one, another may appear on the map soon after. Just keep completing quests and more will show up. Some quests can only be completed during a certain time of day, go to a nearby campsite on your map to pass the time.

If you need stud money for things refer to "The Unassessably Wealthy."

 The greed of Dwarves (50 points)
Collect all Mithril Bricks. (Single Player Only)

Mithril bricks are the silver bricks that are required to forge the Mithril items with. There are 250 Mithril bricks found throughout the game. This will probably be the last achievement you get.

Story mode/Free Play requirements for this are:

  • Complete each of the 16 Story chapters (16 bricks total)
  • Collect all 10 minikits in each of the 16 chapters (160 minikits, 16 bricks total)
  • Collect one schematic in each of the 16 chapters (16 bricks total)
  • Collect all four treasures items in each of the 16 chapters (64 items, 16 bricks total)
  • Obtain Master Burglar in each of the 16 chapters (16 bricks total)

80 in Total will be earned throughout story levels and during Free Play.

The remaining 170 Mithril bricks are located in Middle-earth. Some are only available during a certain time of day. Others you need to complete fetch quests to obtain (white question marks) while others can only be obtained by completing puzzles and mini-games (timed or otherwise). Then there are some that are available outright, but require you to reach an area only accessible with a certain character or item. To see how many bricks you need, press . Use your map when needed and set your marker to navigate to them.

 Labouring in the villages of Men (30 points)
Collect all Schematics. (Single Player Only)

Schematics are the weapons and armor blacksmith designs to forge Mithril items. They’re shaped like a letter envelope. 32 Schematics are hidden throughout Lego: The Hobbit game. 16 will be in each of the 16 Story Levels. The rest of the 16 will be in the main world hub. If you hit the  button on your map it should show where each is and if you mark it, it will show you the path to go by following the gold glowing studs. 

Here is a list of all 32 Schematics:

  • Mithril Mirror Armour - Located in the "Greatest Kingdom" level.
  • Mithril Tornado Axe - Located in the "Unexpected Party" level.
  • Mithril Warhammer - Located in the "Azog the Defiler" level.
  • Mithril Fishing Pole - Located in the "Roast Mutton" level.
  • Mithril Skeleton Crank - Located in "The Troll Hard" level.
  • Mithril Flail - Located in the "Over Hill And Under Hill" level.
  • Mithril Claws - Located in the "Goblin Town" level.
  • Mithril Music Kit - Located in the "Out of the Frying Pan" level.
  • Mithril Multi-bow - Located in the "Queer Lodgings" level.
  • Mithril Bomb Blade - Located in the "Flies And Spiders" level
  • Mithril Pickaxe - Located in the "Barrels Out of Bond" level.
  • Mithril Booty Blade - Located in the "Warm Welcome" level.
  • Mithril Giddy-up Staff - Located in the "Looking For Proof" level.
  • Mithril Wraith Armour - Located in "The Necromancer" level.
  • Mithril Hammerhands - Located in "On The Doorstep" level.
  • Mithril Firework Bow - Located in the "Inside Information" level.
  • Mithril Stud Spade - Located in Hobbiton
  • Mithril Megapult - Located Northwest of Bree.
  • Mithril Mushroom Crown - Located North of Bree.
  • Mithril Shadow Blade - Located in Weatherdrop.
  • Mithril Skull Cap - Located in Trollshaws.
  • Mithril Rhythm Stick - Located in Rivendell.
  • Mithril Cathphrase Mallet - Located in The High Pass.
  • Mithril Horse Shoes - Located in Rivendell.
  • Mithril Construction Hat - Located just East of Boern's Homestead.
  • Mithril Candle Staff - Located in Dol Guldur.
  • Mithril Bandit Gloves - Located in Lake-town.
  • Mithril Snowapult - Located in Dale.
  • Mithril Beanstalk - Located in The Pass of Caradhras.
  • Mithril Slippers - Located in the Elven Forest.
  • Mithril Dance Boots - Located in Rivendell.
  • Mithril Falcon - Located Northwest of Dale.

To forge an item from a schematic, you need a certain amount of Mithril bricks as well as loot. Once the item is forged, travel to the red question marks on the map and give the item to the character to unlock a red brick for purchase.

Refer to “Unequalled skill of the Dwarves” for more information on forging Mithril items.

100% Free Play Collectible Guide:

Red Brick/Schematics Guide:

 Doilies and your mother's dishes (30 points)
Collect all Treasure Items in levels. (Single Player Only)

Treasure items are located in each of the 16 story levels only. There are 64 total; four in each level. While some can be obtained while playing Story mode, it is suggested waiting until Free Play to collect them since specific character abilities are required to gather them all. When one is uncovered, they will glow yellow. Press  to pick them up and it will be automatically added to your inventory. Equipping them often gives hilarious results.

Treasure items are one of the necessary objects in the game for obtaining Mithril bricks via fetch quests (white question marks). Refer to “Ever “The People’s Champion”” for more information about quests.

NOTE: If you have the Treasure Item Detector red brick turned on, it's currently glitched. You have to turn it on and off every time you get to a cut-scene in a level for it to properly work.

100% Free Play Collectible Guide:

 Objects of great beauty (30 points)
Forge all the Mithril Treasure Items. (Single Player Only)

Please refer to "Unequalled skill of the Dwarves" for more information.

 Unequalled skill of the Dwarves (50 points)
Forge all the Perfect Mithril Treasure Items. (Single Player Only)

There are 32 Mithril schematics to forge into Perfect Mithril items. You need the schematic (refer to “Labouring in the Villages of Men” for more information), a good amount of loot and a certain amount of Mithril bricks in order to even forge an item. Once you have them, travel to the Blacksmith in Bree. Here you will be able to forge a Mithril item which will help you along with your fetch quests.

Please refer to "The Unassessably Wealthy" for location of the Blacksmith.

The forging is a mini-game where you have to press a certain button at the correct time. There are two circles around the piece you are forging; fill up the outer circle for a regular forge and the inner circle for a perfect forge. Button prompts will move towards the center of the circle in correspondence to their location on the controller (   or ). When a button crosses the inner circle, press that button.  If you timed it correctly, the inner circle will begin to fill up.  Completely fill the inner circle for a perfect forge. Refer to the video below for a visual.

Note: If it’s regular forged it will be a green check mark, if it’s forged perfectly it will be gold. If it is not perfect, you can try again for free by clicking on the item in the menu.

Of course, if you’ve purchased the Perfect Forge red brick and have it turned on, the mini-game will display only one circle instead of two, thus making this much easier.

 The Unassessably Wealthy (30 points)
Collect 10,000,000,000 studs. (Single Player Only)

To unlock this massive achievement, you’ll need to earn 10,000,000,000 studs. Single player only achievement don't go for this in Co-Op. 

Finding the x2, x4, x6, x8 and x10 red bricks will help you out tremendously. Collecting the all will earn you a x3840 multiplier for every stud collected. Remember, all of the Mithril items to get the multipliers need to be forged first, so you'll need to find the Blacksmith.

Click HERE for a guide on how to unlock multipliers.

How to Unlock the Blacksmith:
You will need Ori and Sam or Fili for this. Suggest doing this after completing the story. First, you need to travel to Bree. The Blacksmith Shop should show on your map if you set it as your destination or look for the forge sign. Talk to a lady with a beard. The quest is called “Smithy in Peril.” She wants you to find her husband. Search the caves around Weathertop for the missing Blacksmith. The cave is right next to Carpenter’s Quandary. It should show on your map after you’ve talked with her. 

Once inside, you’ll see the Blacksmith jumping up and down. You need to do a buddy-up smash attack on a wall and then use Ori to shoot a target with his slingshot. Next, use Sam or Fili to plant a mushroom jumper. Jump up and turn the green lever to raise the platform (make sure you turn it fully). Exit the cave head back to Bree. You can now begin forging Mithril. 

Select a design piece you have found to forge. Displayed at the bottom of the screen in the required LEGO loot you need to craft each item.

Unlimted Studs:
Turn on the multipliers in the Extras menu if you have them. Travel to Bree. There will be a Ghost looking door only Bilbo can smash. It's between the Prancing Pony and the Blacksmith. 

Use Bilbo and hit  to activate the ring and smash the door there. There should be three blue studs and a purple one in the corner. Come back out and go into the Blacksmith shop. Now come back out and the ghost door should re-spawned. If you get the Stud Attract red brick you can farm this area a lot quicker. Using Beorn's Bear form it will make this a faster process. Rinse and repeat until satisfied.

 That's why we need a burglar! (30 points)
Obtain all Master Burglar titles. (Single Player Only)

Master Burglar is like True Jedi, True Pirate, True Believer and Master Builder of previous LEGO games. By obtaining a set amount of studs in each level, you are awarded a Mithril brick.

Here are the requirements for each level. Use the red brick multipliers as needed:

  • The Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth: 130,000 Studs
  • An Unexpected Party: 70,000 Studs
  • Azog the Defiler: 25,000 Studs
  • Roast Mutton: 50,000 Studs
  • The Troll Hoard: 65,000 Studs
  • Over Hill and Under Hill: 80,000 Studs
  • Goblin Town: 135,000 Studs
  • Out of the Frying Pan…: 40,000 Studs
  • Queer Lodgings: 30,000 Studs
  • Flies and Spiders: 85,000 Studs
  • Barrels out of Bond: 80,000 Studs
  • A Warm Welcome: 60,000 Studs
  • Looking for Proof: 85,000 Studs
  • The Necromancer: 30,000 Studs
  • On the Doorstep: 80,000 Studs
  • Inside Information: 100,000 Studs

In Story mode, you must complete the level to save your stud count. In Free Play, press  and ‘Save & Exit' to save your progress. You must do one or the other to save your stud count.

Refer to "The Unassessably Wealthy" for the red bricks locations.

 Stone Giant Stomp (30 points)
Complete the Bonus Level

NOTE: The bonus level is available once you have completed the main story.

The bonus level is located in Erebor. It appears as a Stone Giant icon just south of the second ‘R’ in ‘Erebor’. Fast travel to the Erebor “The Lonely Mountain (South Region)” statue. Open your map and mark the Stone Giant icon as your destination. Travel southwest up a stone wall where you will reach a ladder hidden by snowmen. Break them and climb up. Now you can one of two things, use an elf to reach the top of the tower or use Bilbo (to build a wraith ladder) and Ori (slingshot targets to build platforms) to find a path up. Regardless of which option you choose, once at the top, move across the tight rope and the entrance to the level is on the ledge.

The goal of the bonus level is to collect 1,000,000 studs before the five minute timer expires. You are playing as a Stone Giant, so just stomp and smash everything possible; there’s more than enough studs available. You should complete this in roughly three minutes.

It is also possible to unlock the “Someone to share in an adventure” co-op achievement. Since this level is very short, plug up another controller before starting the level and just let it idle as you collect your studs. You will receive both achievements when you are done.

 To Be Continued... (100 points)
Achieve 100% completion

To see your current percentage of the game's completion, pause the game while in the hub.

Requirements on getting 100% completion are as followed:

  • Collect all 250 Mithril bricks (refer to “The greed of Dwarves”)
    • Complete each of the 16 Story chapters (16 bricks total)
    • Collect all 10 minikits in each of the 16 chapters (160 minikits, 16 bricks total)
    • Collect one schematic in each of the 16 chapters (16 bricks total)
    • Collect all four treasures items in each of the 16 chapters (64 items, 16 bricks total)
    • Obtain Master Burglar in each of the 16 chapters (16 bricks total)
    • Collecting the rest of the schematics in Middle-earth hub. (16 total)
    • 170 Mithril bricks throughout the Middle-earth hub (Fetch-quest and the brick itself)
  • Customize a character (in Lake-town) or creature (in Beorn’s Homestead) (refer to “Who is this horrid creature?”)
  • Complete the Bonus Level (refer to “Stone Giant Stomp”)
  • Unlock and purchase all 98 characters (refer to “Quite a merry gathering”)
  • Purchase all 32 Red Bricks (refer to “Labouring in the Villages of Men”)
    • Collect one schematic in each of the 16 chapters (see above)
    • Collect the remaining 16 schematics in the Middle-earth hub
    • Finally, forge all 32 Mithril items and complete the red “?” fetch quests

Note: The Mithril Bricks will glitch and show a different number than what you have collected. You're total mithril bricks won't add up until you spend the bricks at the blacksmith, once you do the total will update. There is a Mithril brick that gets overlooked it's hiding underneath the Town-Goblin sign in the hub world.

 Hardly burglar material (10 points)
Collect 99 of any loot

These material objects are laying on the ground when you smash items throughout levels and Middle-earth. 

You have to collect 99 of loot. This should come naturally just playing the game and you'll probably get it without even trying. Just smash everything you see in sight during story mode and if you don't have it yet, play Free Play and smash around in the levels. Wood material is the easiest to obtain. You can do this right away walking around Hobbiton after the first level.

This achievement requires that you need to collect 99 cumulative amount of any material item listed:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Stone
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Rope
  • Carrot
  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Mithril Brick

 Wealth lies in the Earth (20 points)
Complete the mining game perfectly 50 times

This is one of the many mini-games in LEGO The Hobbit. You are first introduced to this in Chapter 1, “Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth”, where you’ll learn how to mine different types of rock. The dwarf needed is Bofur since he has a pick axe. The mineable rocks will glow and sparkle. Some will be harder and faster paced than others; just take your time and figure out the timing of each one.

In the mini-game, you’ll have to stop the arrow that goes back and forth above your head. The  will glow blue every time you go past the spot. Try to pre-time it so that it lands just right. You have to press  to stop the arrow when it is sticking straight up in the middle to land a perfect mine. If you do, the rock will smash to bits in one hit. Do this 50 times for the achievement. The mini-game looks something like this:

You can grind this achievement AFTER completing Chapter 4, "Roast Mutton". It's in Rivendell, north of the Roast Mutton Sign in Trollshaw on the map. There are a total of 9 rocks to mine here. Follow the ghost studs to where you build three components. There are five mining spots in this area; four along the wall near the build spot and one across from it. When you use up all five of the spots in this area, walk to the back corner by the draw bridge and enter a door into a cave that is covered in overgrowth vines. There are four more rocks (some are hard) in here; smash those. Go back out everything should re-spawned giving you more to perfect hit.

 Bro's before Gold (20 points)
Use 50 Buddy-Up attacks

Buddy-Up attacks are a new part of Lego The Hobbit game. A buddy-up attack is having two compatible characters, such as two different dwarven characters, selecting one of them, then walking near another one and pressing . You should then see yourselves connected to the other character standing side-by-side. Then press the  to use the Buddy-Up attack and kill the enemy. You have to kill them for the "Buddy-up attack" to count.

Do this 50 times over the course of the game or you can farm this on Chapter 3, "Azog the Defiler" if needed.

 Team Building (10 points)
Use every Dwarf from Thorin's Company in a Buddy-Up attack

To unlock this achievement, you are required to Buddy-Up with all 13 dwarves in Thorin’s Company. 

First, set your character as Bilbo and then press  to switch to the other character. This is the character you are going to be changing. Select the first dwarf, Balin, walk up to Bilbo and press  to join together. While linked, press  to attack and defeat an enemy. They must completely break apart and the dwarf character must have defeated the enemy for it to have counted. Press  again to cancel the link up then hold  to select another character.

Suggest you open a word document for a check sheet and check off all of the ones you have done.

NOTE: You can go for this achievement after completing the level Chapter 3, "Azog the Deflier" which in case you should farm it here in Free Play mode or try Chapter 10,"Flies and Spiders" - "The Elves of Mirkwood", if Chapter 3 isn't working. You should also get the achievement "Bro's before Gold." Also BE SURE to use Thorin + Thorin! It is suggested you use the normal versions of these dwarves, not use the ‘Young’ or ‘Lake-town’ versions of them.

Thorin's Company List:

  • Balin
  • Bifur
  • Bofur
  • Bombur
  • Dori
  • Dwalin
  • Fili
  • Gloin
  • Kili
  • Nori
  • Oin
  • Ori
  • Thorin (team him up with himself)

You can use it if you found the Red Brick for Regenerating Hearts if you do the quest in Hobbiton for it. It will cost 100,000 studs. It will help because it gets annoying from dying all the time and trying to do every single character with the other character. Sometimes when you try to get the kill with your buddy the target will fly across the room and hit a wall, this DOES NOT COUNT towards the achievement.

 Conjurer of Cheap Tricks (10 points)
Use Gandalf's startle ability to dazzle 50 enemies

Gandalf is unlocked as a playable character after completing Chapter 2, “An Unexpected Party”. 

To unlock this achievement, select Chapter 3, “Azog the Defiler”, in Free Play. Use the second section, “The Battle of Azanulbizar”, and choose to play as Gandalf.

When the level starts:
1. Hold  to charge his startle ability and wait for about five enemies to gather around you. The enemies can’t injure you while you are doing this.
2. Release  when it’s fully charged. Enemies will get startled and run around.
3. Hold  again before they start attacking again then release. Rinse and repeat as needed. This takes about a minute to get.

 Lord of the Prance (5 points)
Equip yourself with Dazzle Wig, Mithril Rhythm Stick and Mithril Dance Boots.

Dazzle Wig:

  • Needed: Fire Cracker Bow or Saruman, Bilbo's Fishing Ability
  • Treasure: Found in Chapter 10, “Flies and Spiders” in the section “The Elves of Mirkwood”, you will need a Fire Cracker Bow or Saruman to break the Mithril brick. Then, enter the secret area. Inside on to your right you'll see a skeleton next to a jacuzzi. You need to use Bilbo's fishing ability to fish for the Dazzle Wig in the jacuzzi.

Mithril Rhythm Stick:

  • Location: High Fells – “Bop ’til You Drop” (The High Fells, Night)
  • Cost: 1,000,000 Studs
  • Loot Material: 7 Mithril, 30 Sapphires, 20 Fish, 10 Gold
  • Needed: Saruman
  • Design: Travel to Rivendell. This is found at the southern edge of the area. Look for a rowboat in the roaring waters, and hop in. Row the boat to the left to reach a tiny island by some waterfalls. Use Saruman to break open the Mithril chest here, revealing the design.

Mithril Dance Boots:

  • Location: By water – “Two Left Feet” (Day)
  • Cost: 85,000 Studs
  • Loot Material: 5 Mithril, 10 Rubies, 10 Leather, 10 Carrots
  • Needed: Elf
  • Design: Travel to Rivendell. To reach this, you have to head through the passage at the eastern edge of the zone (the door icon). This leads to a rope coursed area. Use an acrobat like Legolas to cross the tightropes and flip poles; pull all three levers to reveal the schematic.

When you have collected both schematics, go to the Blacksmith in Bree. You have to craft the Mithril Rhythm Stick and Dance Boots there. Equip all three items and achievement will unlock.

 Dawn of the Mushroom King (5 points)
Equip Thorin with the Mithril Mushroom Crown

Thorin is unlocked and playable after completing Chapter 1, "Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth." You will have to use this Thorin; don't use any other version Thorin, like Thorin “Lake-town,” as it will not count.

You need to find the blacksmith design for the Mithril Mushroom Crown. You also need small character like a dwarf or hobbit to crawl through the little wall doors. To find the design, open your map and look for the icon North of Bree. Press  to set a marker on it. 

  • Location: Bree – “Heirloom in the Making” (Night)
  • Cost: 50,000 Studs
  • Loot Material: 5 Mithril, 10 Leather, 20 Fish, 15 Meats, 10 Bread
  • Needed: Dwarf Character
  • Design: Travel to Bree. This is found at the northern end of town. There's a wooden door that will open for you, leading into a small cave. In here, you want to crawl through various dwarf shafts to grab the key and open the chest containing the design. Smash the stuff left of your screen it reveals another door.

Once you have the schematic, travel back to Bree to use the Blacksmith. Make sure you have some Mithril to forge it otherwise you need to do a quest or story mission to get one. You'll have to hit one of the following buttons in the order that appears on your screen, it will be random.     in any order to forge it right. Once that is complete, it will be added to your Treasure Trove. Equip it and the achievement should unlock.

 Master Builder (10 points)
Obtain 150,000 studs from Instruction Builds bonuses. (Single Player Only)

The Instruction Builds bonuses are as followed:

First, you have to have the right material to start the mini-game. The object is to click in the right pieces that fit the objects, just like building real LEGOs! The faster you are the more studs you will bank. A perfect run will net you 20,000 studs. If you are too slow or hit the wrong piece the price will drop. The average builder will earn 15,000 studs or less. Hold  to build faster or  to build slower.

You should get this through naturally playing the game and it will probably unlock towards the end. Don't stress too much about getting this achievement right away you'll have to play Free Play mode for the completion of the game. You should get this by story mode Chapter 7, "Goblin Town."

 Someone to share in an adventure (10 points)
Play a level in co-op

As there is no online in this game, for this achievement, you are going to need a second controller. Make sure you join in before you pick the level. Don't press  on the second controller while in the level; it doesn't count for the achievement.

You can only play a Story mode level or the Bonus level; you CAN'T get this in Free Play. Short chapters are Chapter 1, "Greatest Kingdom in Middle-earth", which will only require you to use the second controller two times; the puzzle in the treasure room and the running scene towards the end of the level. Also, Chapter 9, "Queer Lodgings," is very quick. The bonus level also counts for this achievement playing it in co-op. This is probably the shortest level of all.

 Quite a merry gathering (30 points)
Collect all characters. (Single Player Only)

There are 98 Hobbits/Lord of the Rings Characters in the game.

NOTE: Completing more side quests is needed in finding the other characters. The DLC characters do not count towards the achievement.

  • You need to buy all the custom character pants, heads, and bodies; such as the whole costume of a chicken or dragon. The character customization is located in Lake-Town.
  • It is needed to customize an Orc or Horse in Beorn's Homestead for the achievement.

Jimli The Blacksmith – 50,000 studs. LAST FINAL CHARACTER YOU GET! He is the blacksmith always standing next you making forge items. After you get forge all Mithril items and collect all Mithrils you can, then buy him.

42 Characters unlock after completing the Story, the other 56 are unlocked characters you'll have to find them in the hub world.

Locations to buy characters: No locations to buy characters in this game. Instead, you must find them walking around in areas of the world, by exploring this Middle-earth open world hub. Press  then go to your map then see where each are located, some unlocked after completing a chapter. 

The good thing about this game is it creates a way point to that character to go find them. To do this press  on map where you highlight the character with your Magnify Glass. Then press  on them to buy them, sometimes you have to hit them a few times. They show up on your mini map and game map when you are near one.

Click HERE for a complete characters guide.

 Our Long Forgotten Gold (30 points)
Collect all Minikits. (Single Player Only)

There are 160 Minikits to Collect they are scattered throughout each 16 Story Levels.

Click HERE for a Minikit guide.

Before you collect the minikits, purchase Saruman (he's in Rivendell and costs 50,000 studs) and Sauron (he's in Dol Guldur and costs 70,000 studs or enter the code “OARA3D”). It has to be night time for both, so go to a campfire and change the day. The reason why you want to unlock these two is that some minikits require someone who can break Mithril bricks (Saruman) as well as black bricks (Sauron).

To help you even further, get the Minikit Detector red brick if you can afford it as soon as possible. When turned on, this red brick indicates on-screen arrows where exactly the minikits (or tasks to reveal the minikit) are located in each level. You first need to locate the Mithril Bandit Gloves schematic. 

Quest: "Spoils of War"
Cost: 150,000 studs.
Mithril Loot: 12 Mithril, 20 Diamond, 20 Leather, 25 Rope, 25 Copper.

Schematic Location: In Lake-town, look for a building you can enter near the center of town with a basement. There’s a cage and a hook point to the right. Use the hook point with Dori, grab the crank, and attach it to the mechanism to the left of the stairs. Crank it and step on the pressure pad behind the raised cage. This reveals a target. Shoot the first target with Legolas, then shoot the second target with Ori three times. Once the second gate opens up, slingshot the targets so the left is red and the right is blue. A chest with a key will appear. Grab the key and open the chest, revealing the schematic.

Red Brick Location: Take the schematic to Bree and forge the item. Then you have to give it to the woman who gave you the “Spoils of War” quest in Thranduil’s Kingdom. On the map, look between the words ‘Rivendell’, ‘Erebor’ and ‘Esgaroth’ (in the center of them) to find a deserted area near the mountains (next to the "Barrels Out of Bond" chapter sign). Set the “Spoils of War” green exclamation point as your destination and fast travel to Thranduil’s Kingdom in northern Mirkwood. Follow the gold glowing studs to your destination.

 Beorn Again (5 points)
Transform to Beorn's bear form.

Beorn is unlocked to purchase after completing Chapter 9, “Queer Lodgings.” He is located around his home and costs 45,000 studs. 

Fast travel to Beorn’s Homestead which along the western edge of Mirkwood. When you land, he will be waiting. Walk up to him and press  to purchase him. Next, bring up the character menu and select him. To transform, hold down  and he will transform into a bear, unlocking this achievement.

Or, if you don’t want to spend the studs or wait until after Chapter 9, you can enter in the cheat code ‘KEID2V’ at any time and he will automatically be purchased and select-able.

There is also a creature customizer here where you can unlock “Who is this horrid creature?

 Who is this horrid creature? (5 points)
Create a custom character.

There are two different customizers in this game, a character and a creature, and using either of them will unlock this achievement. 

The creature customizer located at Beorn’s Homestead along the western edge of Mirkwood. Fast travel to that location, and when facing the eagle statue, turn to the right and into the building with the three vertical windows on the left (these glow orange at night). The entrance is on the right of this building.

To activate the customizer, walk onto the floor plate of the desired creature (horse, pony, warg or troll [which requires a big-fig character to unlock first]). Select your creature to customize, and once the doors open, change anything about the creature (name, color, etc.). The achievement will unlock soon after.

While at Beorn’s Homestead, if you have 45,000 studs, you can unlock “Beorn Again.

The character customizer is in Lake-town. From the eagle statue, walk right from the statue and the shop is the first building on the right.


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