Hexic - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Boost Blossom (5 points)
Made a cluster of Line Clear Hexes
 Reaching the Stars (5 points)
Made a Flower Bomb
 Photo Finish (5 points)
Finished a level by using an Assist on your last move
 Boost Engineer (15 points)
Used every Booster and Assist in the game
 Make 'em Count (10 points)
Used +3 Moves and finished a level in the last 3 moves
 Five Alive (5 points)
Created a Color Clear Hex from 5 hexes
 Line Clearing (10 points)
Made 100 Line Clear Hexes
 Color Clearing (15 points)
Made 200 Color Clear Hexes
 Quick Learner (5 points)
Finished the How-To-Play Tutorial
 Trying Hard (10 points)
Finished 33 levels
 Hexified (10 points)
Finished 66 levels
 Hexy Hero (20 points)
Finished 100 levels
 The Number (15 points)
Earned three stars on 42 levels
 Getting Social (10 points)
Shared something on Facebook
 Bragging Rights (10 points)
Shared a 3 star score on any level higher than 80
 Give a Life (5 points)
Sent a life to a friend
 Give Moves (5 points)
Sent a move to a friend
 Invite a Friend (10 points)
Invited a friend to play Hexic
 Fear of Cells (15 points)
Used all moves in a level without clearing any Dark Fragments
 Anomaly Collector (15 points)
Finish an anomaly level without letting an anomaly out

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