Disney the Little Mermaid: Undersea Treasures - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Welcome to the Sea! (10 points)
Repaired the tiara for Ariel's collection.
 Puzzle Professional (5 points)
Completed the first three Unlock Slider puzzles in fewer than 70 moves.
 Let's Ask Scuttle! (10 points)
Discovered a mysterious human item in Ariel's collection.
 Conversationalist (5 points)
Talked to Scuttle 5 times after learning how to use the Tone-Tubeiffer.
 C'mon, Open Up! (5 points)
Tapped the closed-up giant clam 10 times.
 Shark Repellant (10 points)
Unlocked the Captain's Cabin scene.
 Seahorse Sleuth (15 points)
Found all 12 hidden seahorses.
 Exterior Decorator (15 points)
Found all of Sebastian's rare decorations.
 Note by Note (10 points)
Completed the 10th level in the Harp Minigame.
 Shellfish Samba (5 points)
Played the Coral Canyon clams' song correctly on your first try.
 Cool! But What Is It? (10 points)
Found a strange human thing in Coral Canyon.
 Poppin' Pricklyplopper (10 points)
Popped all the bubbles with your Pricklyplopper in under 5 seconds.
 We Got the Beat Here! (15 points)
Completed the Undersea Orchestra minigame.
 This is Very, Very Unusual! (10 points)
Discovered a strange human thing in the Captain's Cabin.
 Sounds of the Sea (10 points)
Captured all the unique sounds of the sea for Sebastian's orchestra.
 Hot Crustacean Band (15 points)
Helped Sebastian create the opening ceremony theme.
 Golden Shell Game (15 points)
Found all golden shells in Golden Shell Mode.
 An' Oh, That Blowfish Blow! (5 points)
Tapped the Blowfish 5 times for a hint.
 Shipwreck Sleuth (10 points)
Earned 85,000 points in a single scene in Shipwreck Challenge.
 Hi, Starfish! (10 points)
Tapped on all the starfish in the Shipwreck Hidden Object Game.

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