Disney Infinity: Toy Box - Achievements
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There are 11 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Playing Favorites (10 points)
Play as one Avatar for 20 minutes.
 Special Delivery (20 points)
Download a Toy Box to your device from "My Toy Boxes".
 Pick Me! (20 points)
Upload a Toy Box to Disney's Toy Boxes for consideration to be featured.
 Creator of Worlds (10 points)
Save 10 worlds to "My Toy Boxes".
 Omnipresent (20 points)
Upload a Toy Box from your device to "My Toy Boxes".
 Does This Make Me Look Fat? (20 points)
Drive a goo'd small car, helicopter and mount.
 Clown Car (20 points)
Drive a goo'd big car, helicopter and mount.
 Experience of a Lifetime (20 points)
Become invisible, goo'd big, goo'd small and trip on a tripwire.
 Defender of the Universe (20 points)
Defeat 100 enemy A.l. in the Toy Box.
 All Modes (20 points)
Drive a car, pilot a helicopter and ride a mount.
 Check This Out! (20 points)
Download a Toy Box from Disney's Toy Boxes.

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