Assassin's Creed: Unity - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 57 achievements with a total of 1300 points.
 Youth In Versailles (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 1.
 Rebirth (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 2.
 First Blood (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 3.
 La Cour des Miracles (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 4.
 The Root Of Evil (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 5.
 Secret Meeting (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 6.
 Mystery Solved (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 7.
 Bloody Trail (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 8.
 Road To Starvation (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 9.
 Love And Duty (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 10.
 Down But Not Out (20 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 11.
 Curtain Call (50 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 12.
 No Man's Land (20 points)
Complete all Rift missions.
 Needs More Data (20 points)
Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts.
 Thawed (20 points)
Free a total of 10 trapped Assassins.
 Blade In The Crowd (20 points)
Assassinate 100 enemies.
 I Want It All (50 points)
Complete all Single Player mission challenges.
 Networking (10 points)
Renovate your first Social Club.
 Falling From The Sky (5 points)
Perform 10 air assassinations.
 The Baguette Boyband (10 points)
Complete a Co-op mission.
 Know-It-All (20 points)
Complete all training missions.
 Gentleman Cambrioleur (30 points)
Lockpick 20 chests.
 Curiosity (40 points)
Open every chest in the game.
 Visited Once (30 points)
Complete all Co-op and Heist missions at least once.
 Business and Pleasure (20 points)
Earn a total of 50,000 livres.
 And Stay Down! (10 points)
Perform a ground execution.
 Panoramic View (10 points)
Synchronize all Viewpoints.
 Help Me! (10 points)
Complete 10 Crowd Events.
 Hand of Justice (20 points)
Solve a Murder Mystery.
 Ransacking Versailles (40 points)
Earn 100% completion of Versailles.
 Accurate Prediction (20 points)
Complete a Nostradamus Enigma.
 Tricolore (30 points)
Collect all Cockades
 Don't Need It (5 points)
Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets.
 Patron of the Arts (10 points)
Watch a play in the Caf
 Share the Wealth (10 points)
Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission.
 Safe and Secure (10 points)
Perform all Social Club missions in a district.
 Room With A View (10 points)
Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.
 Poked! (20 points)
Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon.
 Chopped! (20 points)
Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.
 Master Architect (30 points)
Complete all the renovations of the Caf
 Guillotined (20 points)
Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.
 Never Say Die (10 points)
Revive a partner in Co-op.
 Merciful Killer (20 points)
Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission.
 Choreography (10 points)
Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.
 The Bells! The Bells! (10 points)
Sabotage 5 alarm bells.
 Defender of Franciade (50 points)
Complete Suger's Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.
 Liberator (25 points)
Free every outpost in Franciade.
 Reign of Terror (25 points)
Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun.
 Freedom Fighter (20 points)
Kill 15 Raider leaders.
 Hydrogen Bonded (30 points)
Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings.
 Fraternit√©! (50 points)
Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once.
Secret Achievements
A Long Time Ago (10 points)
Complete the Prologue.
An Old Internet Meme (40 points)
Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions.
From the Past (30 points)
Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Caf
Must've Left it Open (10 points)
Lockpick 5 doors.
I Got Skills (20 points)
Unlock all Skills.
Peace of Eden (100 points)
Complete Memory Sequence 13.

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