Asphalt 8: Airborne - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 HIGH FLIER (5 points)
Total 10 minutes of air time!
 NEW-CAR SMELL (10 points)
Buy a new car
 CAR BUFF (15 points)
Have 10 cars
 WHO'S NEXT? (10 points)
Execute 25 Knockdowns
 BABY STEPS (10 points)
Drift 1 m
 BURNING RUBBER (10 points)
Drift 10 km
Knock down the same car 5 times in a single race
 THE WINNER (10 points)
Get 1st place
 NICE GUY (10 points)
Come in last place
Have 50 Stars
 FIRST ONE IN THE BAG (10 points)
Beat Season 1
 THE FINISH LINE (20 points)
Complete all seasons
 SHOW ME THE MONEY (10 points)
Acquire 10,000 credits during a single race
 CHEST OF MEDALS (5 points)
Earn 10 medals during a race
 HANDYMAN (10 points)
Buy your first car upgrade
Fully upgrade one stat of any car
 MAX POWER (5 points)
Fully upgrade 1 car
 TO THE MAX (10 points)
Fully upgrade 3 cars
 PERFECT NITRO! (5 points)
Perform 20 Perfect Nitro boosts
 CLEAN WIN (20 points)
Win a race without using Nitro

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