Despicable Me: Minion Rush - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Newbie (10 points)
Finished tutorial
 Despicable You (5 points)
Perform 20 Despicable Actions in the same run
 Fruit Enthusiast (15 points)
Collect all the fruit in any area of the Jelly Lab
 Forge Ahead (10 points)
Run 2,000 m in the same run!
 Bah-na-naaaaas! (10 points)
Collect 1,000 Bananas in the same run!
 Excursionist (5 points)
Unlock 5 areas of the Jelly Lab
 Head Start (5 points)
Use the Minion Launcher 10 times
 Feeling Lucky (5 points)
Make the Fortune Wheel spin 25 times
 Power-Seeker (10 points)
Unlock all Power-ups
 Miss The Bus (5 points)
Get run over by a bus 15 times while in the Residential
 Try Again (10 points)
Revive yourself 10 times
 Cold as Ice (15 points)
Smash through 100 obstacles using the Freeze Ray
 Adventurer (20 points)
Unlock 25 areas of the Jelly Lab
 Mopping Minion (5 points)
Glide across a wet floor 10 times in The Mall
 Mucho Macho (10 points)
Defeat El Macho for the first time
 Rocketeer (10 points)
Use Gru's Rocket 50 times
 Hitchhiker (5 points)
Get run over by a car 15 times while Downtown
 Beach Bummin' (10 points)
Run 100,000 meters on Minion Beach!
 The Evil Eye (15 points)
Knock out 1,000 Evil Minions!
 Unstoppable (20 points)
Get a total Despicable Score of 5,000,000!

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