Dragon Mania Legends - Achievements
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There are 17 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Golden Opportunity (10 points)
Collect 50,000 Gold from habitats
 Academy Action (10 points)
Upgrade the Academy to level 2
 Top Teacher (10 points)
Feed a dragon to level 15
 Beat the boss (10 points)
Beat the boss at ELIZA'S FACTORY.
 Show off (10 points)
Win 750 fights
 Master Carpenter (10 points)
Build 7 buildings or habitats
 Human Bulldozer (10 points)
Clear 50 obstacles
 Star Pupil (10 points)
Win 50 fight with a 3-star rating
 Persistent Prospector (10 points)
Send dragon to explore the ruins 20 times
 In the Zone (10 points)
Score 5,000 Perfect Hits
 Friendly Fighter (30 points)
Give gifts to friends 15 times
 Dragon Traning Pro (10 points)
Train your dragon flawlessly 25 times
 Dragon Nutritionist (10 points)
Collect 150,000 Food from your farms
 Shopaholic (10 points)
Buy 25 dragons
 Friend in Need (10 points)
Hire a Friend's dragon 10 times to win battles
 Master of Chronos (10 points)
Collect 3 Chronosian Seal Shards from Ruins
 Tutorial (20 points)
Finish the tutorial

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