Dungeon Hunter 5 - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Not So Immortal (10 points)
Destroy the Immortal Gatekeepers.
 Sacrifice (10 points)
Saved civilians from being sacrificed.
 Perfectly Natural (10 points)
Defeat Nascira, the Undead Nature Elemental.
 Trial by fire (10 points)
Conquered the Ashken trials.
 Old friends (10 points)
Defeated Syrann.
 Running for glory (5 points)
Escaped and killed the cursed spirit.
 Heart Of The Forge (5 points)
Clean the forge of its Ashtak the Slitherer infestation.
 Acquired the pearl (5 points)
Acquired the Materia Pearl.
 Madness Quelled (5 points)
Send the Shehizim, the Vizier of Madness, back to the Void.
 Raising the spirits (5 points)
Raised the spirits of the past.
 Meeting new people (5 points)
Meet the hermit.
 Night of the Knight (10 points)
Prove your vigilance to the Death Knight.
 Order and Chaos (15 points)
Unsummon Arctoro, the Spirit of Order.
 New steel (10 points)
Help retrieve the sword.
 Eye for an Eye (10 points)
Delivered the beast.
 Sand In The Wind (15 points)
End the reign of Geonodon, the Crystal Drake.
 Cleaning The Filth (15 points)
Clean the marshlands of Vuiltoth's filthy presence.
 Traitor (15 points)
Defeated Syrann.
 No Encore (15 points)
Ensure Khiil Urd stays dead this time.
 Keep Your Blades Sharp (15 points)
Stop the Necromancer and let the kingdom begin to heal.

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