The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Coastal Guardian (10 points)
Fend off the Telmarine ships.
 Cair Paravel Custodian (10 points)
Rescue Queen Susan's Horn from the throne room.
 Gigantic Allies (10 points)
Defeat the archers that are threatening Cair Paravel.
 Stemming The Telmarine Tide (10 points)
Seal the doors and escape Cair Paravel.
 A Pyrrhic Victory (35 points)
Escape Cair Paravel with Queen Susan's Horn.
 Siege Weapon Destruction (10 points)
Use the giants to destroy the catapults in Cair Paravel.
 Cave Dweller (10 points)
Work through the cavern to find a grapple.
 Father Christmas' Gifts (10 points)
Explore the treasure rooms and find the Pevensie's clothes and gifts.
 River Retrieval (10 points)
Rescue Trumpkin from the water.
 Feral Forest (10 points)
Find a safe route through the woods.
 Ruins Revealed (35 points)
Complete the entire Cair Paravel Ruins area.
 Gryphon Flight (10 points)
Use gryphons to take out the turret sentries.
 Silent Sentries (10 points)
Defeat the sentries along the castle walls.
 Liberation (10 points)
Rescue Cornelius from the dungeons of Miraz's Castle.
 Bell Tower Rescue (10 points)
Rescue Edmund and Trumpkin from the bell tower.
 Surreptitious Arrival (35 points)
Complete all of the areas within Miraz's Castle Infiltration.
 Small Is Big (10 points)
Reach the control room to let the Narnian army in.
 Portcullis Peril (10 points)
Open the portcullis and let the Narnian army in.
 Courtyard Pugilist (10 points)
Battle through the courtyard to get to Peter.
 Tyrus The Brave (10 points)
Reach King Miraz by scaling the castle terraces.
 Stable Rescue (10 points)
Rescue Cornelius from the stables in Miraz's Castle.
 Valiant Escape (35 points)
Complete all of the areas in Miraz Castle Assault.
 Approach To The How (10 points)
Complete the Approach to Aslan's How area.
 Lucy's Escape (10 points)
Help Lucy escape on horseback from the How.
 Smash The Pane (10 points)
Defeat the White Witch.
 Miraz Vanquished (10 points)
Defeat King Miraz in the combat ring.
 Defense Of The How (35 points)
Successfully complete all areas in and around Aslan's How.
 Conqueror Of Lord Gregoire (10 points)
Defeat Lord Gregoire in battle.
 Into The Cistern (10 points)
Find a way into the secret cistern in Aslan's How.
 A Cunning Plan! (10 points)
Collapse the battlefield by destroying the support pillars.
 Conqueror Of Lord Glozelle (10 points)
Defeat Lord Glozelle in the Cistern.
 Surprise Attack (10 points)
Rescue Prince Caspian on the battlefield of Beruna.
 Nature's Vengeance (10 points)
Take control of the trees and destroy the Telmarine army.
 Aslan's Gift (70 points)
Rid Narnia of the Telmarines
 Junior Treasure Hunter (10 points)
Open 10 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
 Treasure Hunter (25 points)
Open 25 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
 Senior Treasure Hunter (50 points)
Open 50 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
 Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire (75 points)
Open 75 bonus chests in single or co-op play.
 Treasure Meister (100 points)
Open ALL bonus chests in single or co-op play.
 My Body Is A Temple (40 points)
Upgrade your health fully in the game.
 Find A Friend (15 points)
Play 5 missions in co-op play.
 Fun With Friends (40 points)
Play 15 missions in co-op play.
 Caspian's Retribution (20 points)
Seek vengeance from 200 Telmarine soldiers.
 Girl Power (20 points)
Defeat 75 Telmarines as Susan.
 Remarkable Rodent (15 points)
Defeat 25 enemies as Reepicheep.
 Trumpkin's Delight (15 points)
Defeat 50 Telmarines as Trumpkin.
 Equestrian Antics (10 points)
Defeat 20 enemies while on horseback.
 Centaur Charge (15 points)
Charge around as the centaur and take out 40 Telmarines.
 Reply To All (15 points)
Issue a reply to 100 Telmarine enemies in the battle.
 Salubrious Slumber (10 points)
Send 10 guards to sleep with Cornelius' sleep potions.

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