Outbuddies DX - Achievements
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There are 38 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Seahorse Revolver (10 points)
You found the Seahorse Revolver! An ancient living weapon with an ever-fusing power core.
 Plasma Charger (10 points)
You can now charge the Seahorse Revolver to unleash a mighty plasma beam! Opens pink gates.
 Missile Launcher (10 points)
Missiles are powerful, open red gates, and can even break stones!
 Bubble Blaster (10 points)
The Bubble Blaster fires immobilizing ooze, transforming enemies into a suitable platform.
 Bubble Charger (10 points)
Charge the Bubble Blaster to spread immobilizing clusters. Hitting an already clotted enemy will cau
 Corridium Galvanizer (10 points)
The Corridium Galvanizer harms enemies by energizing wall structures and can activate shut-down faci
 Corridium Charger (10 points)
Charge the Corridium Galvanizer to release a powerful dash that enables you to run along wall struct
 Compressor Bombs (10 points)
Use Compressor Bombs to clear blocked paths!
 Steam Boots (10 points)
The Steam Boots enable you to jump in midair.
 Homunculus (10 points)
The Homunculus is an artifact of the Old Alchemists. It transforms biomatter into a durable sphere,
 Jetpack (10 points)
You acquired the Jetpack Expansion! It allows hovering in midair and triple jumping!
 Spin Blade (10 points)
The activated Spin Blade provides invincibility and damages enemies. It also restores your Steam gau
 Ancient Core (10 points)
The Ancient Core is a mighty artifact of the Old Alchemists. It enhances the fire rate, range and ch
 Blackthorn (20 points)
Beat the Blackthorn miniboss.
 Razoth (40 points)
Beat Razoth, the Keeper.
 Gaganom (40 points)
Beat Gaganom, the Old Nautilus.
 Moxan (40 points)
Overcome the Moxan Sheep.
 Tam Tam (40 points)
Beat Tam Tam, the Goblin.
 Topa (20 points)
Convince uncle Topa to return home.
 Buluc (40 points)
Beat Buluc, the Giant.
 Nocturne (40 points)
Beat Nocturne, the Black Alchemist.
 Xion (40 points)
Beat Xion, the Fallen.
 Final Curtain. (100 points)
Finish the game and escape Bahlam.
 Tourist (20 points)
Uncover 50% of Bahlam‘s map.
 Explorer (50 points)
Uncover 90% of Bahlam‘s map.
 Speedrunner (80 points)
Finish the game in less than seven hours.
 Ocean Man (80 points)
Finish the game with a maximum of 7 deaths. Using Soul Eater tokens included.
 Nice Guy (20 points)
Rescue a group of three Wozan miners.
 Saviour (20 points)
Rescue 50 Wozan miners.
 Tribe Member (20 points)
Rescue all 80 Wozan miners.
 Heavy Duty (20 points)
Reach a missile stock of 100.
 Script Kid. (10 points)
Reach hacking level 1.
 Blue Hat. (10 points)
Reach hacking level 2.
 Green Hat. (20 points)
Reach hacking level 3.
 White Hat. (20 points)
Reach hacking level 4.
 Black Hat. (20 points)
Reach hacking level 5.
 Red Hat. (20 points)
Reach hacking level 6.
 King of Monsters. (40 points)
Complete the Boss Rush mode.

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