Edgar: Bokbok in Boulzac - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 First Time Out (10 points)
Leave your cabin
 Bronze Gardener (10 points)
Finish the gardening tutorial
 Silver Gardener (10 points)
Harvest 10 squashes
 Gold Gardener (50 points)
Harvest 50 squashes
 Platinium Gardener (100 points)
Harvest 100 squashes
 Crazy Gardener (200 points)
Harvest 500 squashes
Secret Achievements
Off To Adventure (20 points)
Head to the village
Maximum Obstination (20 points)
Knock 100 times at the door
Cocktail Master (30 points)
Get the cockail from Nestor
Work Inspector (30 points)
Leave the Factory
Goncourt Prize (40 points)
Choose the right book in the mayor's office
Stealth Chicken (40 points)
Rob the key from Michelle, er, Sophie
Back Home (40 points)
Return to your Home, have a rest
Barter Expert (40 points)
Get the artichokes
Knighted (50 points)
Retrieve the lobster press
Fashion Victim (50 points)
Get the snakeskin boots
Squeak Squeak (60 points)
Get the dog toy
Read the Manual (60 points)
Assemble the three elements at the altar
Victory (100 points)
Save the village
Master Baker (40 points)
Read all the recipes

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